Rabat, the capital of Morocco

Rabat, a modern capital with deep-rooted history

Rabat is a cultural city deep-rooted in history. Many masterpieces decorate its streets and squares. Visit the Kasbah des Oudayas which is a majestic and splendid architecture embellished by the surrounding gardens. Not far from the walls, stand the imposing walls of the Chellah ; a necropolis from the time of the Merinids. Crossing the walls is like entering another world ; walk among ancient vestiges, gardens and storks.

Rabat is also a modern eco-responsible capital with its green spaces. Beautiful parks await you, such as the botanical test garden or the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel which is a few kilometres from the city. Rabat boasts an outstanding coastline ; on the Atlantic Ocean shores, it has kilometres of well equipped beaches that lead to the neighbouring city of Casablanca.

With its modern infrastructures and various festivals, Rabat is a living city. Airport, tram, shopping centres, cafés and restaurants, all the amenities are within your reach. Revel in bustling vibes of music that Rabat celebrates like no other city ; from Mawazine, to Jazz au Chellah and many others that fill the atmosphere with sounds and rhythms from all over the world !

Rabat is a city where the treasures of the past blend with the most modern and environmentally friendly achievements.

A green city in Morocco

In Rabat, nature takes place in the very heart of the city. Committed to an eco-responsible approach, the country’s capital deploys 230 hectares of green spaces in the middle of which to enjoy the cultural and natural heritage.

The Kasbah des Oudayas and its Andalusian garden, the Chellah necropolis, the green belt, the Ibn Sina forest and the Essai garden are some splendid sites to tick-off in your travel list. Without forgetting the Zoological Garden of Rabat where animals are presented in their natural habitats.

A few kilometers from Rabat, the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel will delight you. Covering 4.5 hectares, they are home to more than 600 plant species from the 5 continents and 80 animal species.

The surrounding region is not to be outdone. On the road to Fez, the Maâmora forest will welcome you for picnics with friends or family. In Mehdia, you will have the opportunity to meet migratory waterfowl in the nature reserve of Sidi Boughaba. In Khmisset, the peaceful natural lake of Dayet Roumi will allow you to practice pedal boat and jet ski, as well as fishing.

True to its eco-responsible spirit, the green Rabat will shower you with its charming sites.

Long stretches of beaches

Set out for a journey in Rabat that perfectly blends between culture, green tourism, and swimming.

Bordered by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Moroccan capital multiplies the opportunities to relax on the warm sand and offers you all kinds of nautical activities. The entire coastline has been developed in rder to offer you a memorable experience. The beaches run all the way to Casablanca and boasts various charming sites. In the heartland of the city, the oudayas beach offers a magnificent setting ; perched on a rock, the fortress stands facing the ocean and dominates the stretches of sand downhill. Managed by the Rabat sailing club, the area is bustling with activity and offers enjoyable kayaking and windsurfing experiences.

All along the coast in the direction of Casablanca, the beaches vary and differ from each other. Their fine golden sand and their rising and falling tides will give you both refreshment and peacefulness.

For the sport lovers, surfing, jet-skiing and horseback riding are as many leisure activities awaiting you on the rbatis beaches.

Private or public beaches, lazing around or playing sports, the Rabat coast will meet all your seaside aspirations !


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