Essaouira – Morocco’s Windy City

Essaouira-Mogador, bride of the Atlantic

Crenellated walls, special wind, houses with white and blue facades, Essaouira, the ancient Mogador is the “Bride of the Atlantic”.

It is one of those coastal cities where the unique atmosphere and water activities seamlessly blend. Walk quietly in the shade of its ramparts, the very ones that draw the contours of Astapor, the red city of the “Game of Thrones” series. Climb these walls and take the parapet walk, from where you can see the Purpuraires Islands, falcons, gulls and seagulls hovering above this nature reserve. On the other side, surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers are taming the waves, taking advantage from the wind.

A walk can lead you to the fishing port where the sailors are active. Get to the fish market where to taste the fish and seafood caught during the night. In the centre of the city, the medina invites you on a discovery wander into its winding alley. Ranked as the most beautiful cities in Morocco by Unesco, the city hums to the beat of music every summer : the Gnaoua festival celebrates Afro-Maghrebin rhythms making people’s stays memorable ones.

For several years now, Morocco has adopted a responsible tourism ; the eco-resort Mogador, which is an unmissable place to have peaceful moments, as well as the beaches of the surroundings labeled Blue Flag, are living proofs to this ambition.

Spend some time there, find complete mindfullness and serenety, in this enchanting destination that makes all your dreams come true !

Essaouira, city of art and history

Essaouira the “well drawn” has some nice surprises in store for you. In its alleys, you will discover its heritage in every single detail.

Its fortified ramparts, carved with monumental gates, works of art and defence, are flanked by two citadels: the Squala of the Kasbah, the Squala of the port. In the shade of these walls, you can walk around and get a first impression of the city. Stroll its alleys and discover the mysterious medina. Just like the whole city, similarly to the old Mogador that became Essaouira, the Medina mixes both eastern and western influences. The Ben Youssef mosque stands its minaret and many consular houses are scattered along its narrow streets.

This status as a crossroads of civilizations, are making Essaouira the perfect destination for artists. A plethora of galleries, and places that celebrate beauty and creation await them ; From the popular café for artists named « Marea Arte Bleu Mogador », to the Sidi Mohamed Ben Adbdallah Museum that preserves the memory of the crafts and popular traditions of the region.

The multiple charms of Essaouira will make you want to comeback !

A seaside resort in a natural setting

The natural and wild beauty of ancient Mogador will amaze you in many ways. Argan trees, thujas, Norfolk Pines and other conifers cover almost half of the province of Essaouira, one of the most wooded in the Kingdom. In order to preserve this protected ecosystem, composed of forests, dunes, lakes, oceans and wild coast, a responsible and environmentally conscious tourism has been developing for a few years.

To meet these expectations, the Mogador Islands located opposite the port of Essaouira have been transformed into a preserved nature. They’re now home to Eleonore’s falcon, but also to seagulls and other birds. They also protect the bay and the splendid sandy beach of Essaouira against the powerful waves of the Atlantic.

With its other beaches such as those of Chicht, Sidi Kaouki, Azrou or Tafedna, lovers of swimming, camel trekking and water sports will have endless challenges to take.

Take advantage of your visit to the province to discover the only estate in Morocco to have obtained organic certification, the vineyard of the Argan Valley, which is nestled in the hollow of a valley, in the shade of argan and olive trees.


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