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Morocco Memorable Tours is a very reliable touristic transport agency that covers the entire territory of Moroccan kingdom. via all the  types of vehicles (cars; 4X4, jeep and buses …) our professional drivers will take you in  impressive tours and places in Morocco. Our team in both of our agencies in Casablanca and in Ouarzazate, will be happy to answer your asks, And make sure you will have unforgettable experience in Morocco either you are  individuals, families, friends  or groups, we can offer you the kind of transportation that suits your own idea of traveling.


Marocco Memorable Tours  is a touristic agency aims to organized trips in all of Morocco; visiting the Sahara, excursions in rural and urban eras, transfer from and to the airport. While  your trips start wherever you are in Morocco and end wherever you want.

From all marocain travel agencies there is Marocco Memorable Tours guides you safely and comfortably through the known cities and the less popular areas which require an extensive local knowledge, that’s not easy but we work on it for more than fifteen years ago
The fast road not always the most efficient, Marocco Memorable Tours work on the wonderful routes as much as possible which lead the travelers enjoyed the landscapes by all his senses. While make sure that you can stop wherever you want to take pictures or entre market, cafés..
Encounters with locals
As it’s known, marocain people are very open minded and friendly towards foreign people as many locals speak other languages so undoubtedly wherever you go through the country seeing people accommodating you and propose tea and other things
The charm and beauty of Marocco attract people to stay more than what they are planning, so with our agency you can stay two or three nights in the same place depending on your travel plan and budget from where you can explore the area by feet or by car.

Local guides
Marocco Memorable Tours is well dealing with the local guides who are very knowledgeable and friendly and safely either on desert treks or wherever you go with us. Accommodation:
Morocco Memorable Tours knows all the hotels and riads to which it takes you personally. Charming, simple middle-class hotels at moderate prices are the rule. The usual standard with an in-room toilet and shower is guaranteed. If you prefer accommodation with higher comfort – in advance – this is no problem – with a corresponding surcharge. Morocco Memorable Tours follows the principle that tourists’ money stays in the country as far as possible and does not flow to a hotel chain.

Catering for your well-being:
Morocco Memorable Tours sets high standards for its guests for high-quality products. He follows the rule: peel it, cook it or leave it. In the car you always have mineral water at your disposal. At lunchtime, a cold, vitamin-rich lunch will be freshly prepared for you at the selected location in nature. How you get your coffee is not revealed here.
In the evening you can eat as you see fit in the hotel or in a nearby restaurant – on recommendation or on your own


Morocco Memorable Tours agency will make sure,The accuracy in work, the respect of your reservation, the prestige and safety driving, are our main goals. Which may make you think of back to Morocco,make sure to see our intro video


My name is abdelkrim, people call me Karim. My origin from Zagora ; a berber town in South of marocco; while I moved to Ouarzazate to start my small project for more than 15 years, now I organize single and groups trips for foreign and local travelers.
The different languages that I speak ‘ Spanish, French and English help me too much to understand what a traveler interested in. Well I’m driving carefully either toyota 4×4 or minibus as the client choose.
My good cantact with local people helps me too much to make a wonderful connection between my clients and the town folks which we visit.
I’m proud of my wonderful country, while I’m looking for its approximating with foreign people or whoever doesn’t know marocco and it’s mountains and deserts or what ever popular in it.

Why Choose Us

Travel for all budgets

Diverse Destinations

Support Team

A passionate trip

Continuity Of Quality

Each tour is handcrafted by our team after months (sometimes years!) of in-country research. We carefully select each activity, transportation, accommodation, and included meal option to ensure a consistent level of quality on each tour.

Clean, Cushy

Accommodation makes or breaks a trip! You have access to a hotel pool or a beach nearby most days on tour. Most nights, you share a room with just one other group member. The select dorm-style options included are ultra-comfy, extra clean, and uber-unique.

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